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Elisabeth Jackman-Knights

2015, Bachelor of Business Administration

South University, Online Programs

South University alumna Elisabeth Jackman-Knights says her college education is part of the foundation that is helping her build a successful business. Jackman-Knights and her husband co-own Aklipse Asset Management, Inc. which buys, rents, and sells homes.

“Mainly, I am what you will say is the face of Aklipse. I take all the calls, most meetings, create all documents needed, sign all leases, manage all tenants, manage employees, negotiate contracts, etc. — basically everything business-related to ensure the operations and marketing side stays on track,” she explains.

Jackman-Knights says even as a child she knew a good education would be the key to having the life she dreamed of.

“I grew up in a single parent home,” Jackman-Knights recalls. “I watched my mom work so hard to provide for me and still, at times, making ends meet was difficult. I vowed that wasn’t the life

I wanted for my future-self or the lives I intend to bring into this world.”

Jackman-Knights says she always wanted to own her own business.

“I listened to my mom when she told me that education was the key to success. I understood what that meant beyond just the words. What I understood is that education is a tool that once acquired, I can never lose but only strengthen as time went by.”

Jackman-Knights enrolled in South University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program. While juggling work and school was a challenge, she says she always felt supported by her instructors and by the South University staff.

“They would keep me on track with what classes I had upcoming and help prepare me for what to expect in the class. They would try to understand my life outside of school and make suggestions of how best to navigate the program to ensure that I was at all times poised mentally to endure the class at hand,” she explains.

But she also had a support system at home that she says made a world of difference.

“Along with using my upbringing and aspirations as motivation, my husband’s unwavering and relentless support was a major factor in me being able to succeed. While aspirations can drive a person, having a support system to keep you moving steadfastly is imperative in succeeding at those goals. My husband, Colin Knights, took over all the cooking and daily management of our household so that after work (I was working two jobs while in school) I only had to focus on getting my school work done,” she remembers.

The hard work and dedication paid off when Jackman-Knights graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2015.

Now Jackman-Knights and her husband do what they can to help others achieve their dreams. Aklipse has a program for veterans where they reduce the rent for a specific period of time so the former military members can use their resources for other needs while they continue their education or adjust to a civilian job.

The journey the couple has shared was recently highlighted by a local newspaper, and Jackman-Knights says she is excited about what the future holds as she and her husband continue to work together towards their future.

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