AD and Email Migration Status Updates


Students, Faculty, and Staff

You should be able to access your email on the portal or by going to and logging in with your South University email address and password. If you login and it says disabled or you may be logging in with the a legacy account. Please logout and log back in the your or The logout option is usually in the top right hand corner of the webpage near the account symbol.

If you had forwarded your email in the old mailbox to another email address you will need to setup the forwarding again.

You will need to remove the email from your personal phone and add it back in following the instructions in the documents below:



Campus WIFI

The email, contacts, and calendar should all be migrated at this point. Any newly added items will be synced for another few days in case anything shows up in the old system.

One Drive files are currently in process and will complete first pass in the next day or two and continued passes will run over the next few days.

WIFI on South Campuses

It is possible if you were using the old AD account to log into campus based WIFI, you will need to remove and\or forget the WIFI connection and, reconnect using your portal username and password. The above links walk you through this process for IOS and Android. Laptops will have the same idea with varying steps depending on the OS.

If you need help or assistance please email