Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)


Shaping Resilient Stingrays

Many adult learners are faced with pressures, struggles and unique challenges as they navigate their educational pathway, and both research and experience tell us that students are successful when they understand the depth and breadth of resources available to them. South University is committed to our student’s wellness as they navigate and shape their overall self-efficacy, thus fostering a healthy University.

The QEP goal is to Shape Resilient Stingrays and promote success by fostering the development of both educational resiliency and overall resilience. Where resilience is the process and outcome of successful adaptation to difficulty challenges, educational resilience is the heightened likelihood of success in school (and other life accomplishments), despite environmental adversities (Wang, et al., 1993).

The five components of resiliency include 1) Self-Care, 2) Purpose, 3) Mindfulness, 4) Positive Relationships, and 5) Self-Awareness. Webinars designed to promote the five components of resiliency will be introduced within UVC1000 and HUM1200 as an initial pilot, and students will be assessed on their perceived levels of resiliency in both courses. As student engage in these webinars, their resiliency will lead to greater persistence. Equally, as students realize higher levels of perceived resiliency they will also realize an increase in self-efficacy.

South University is committed to shaping resilient students beginning with first-year students through resilience webinars, laying the foundation for long-term impact of overall wellness available to all students.