South University introduces SouthVR, a live instruction, interactive virtual classroom experience.


South University has transitioned from campus-based classes and assessments to a virtual remote format for now called SouthVR (South-Virtual Remote). This measure was taken quickly in an effort to protect the South University community and we have greatly appreciated your cooperation during this move to remote learning.

As we look to the upcoming Spring quarter, and as the concerns around COVID-19 continue to impact the communities in which we operate, we will continue to align with the national guidance for social distancing for the safety of our campuses. Therefore, in collaboration with our campus and academic leadership, for the protection of our students, faculty and staff, that South University will go virtually remote for the Spring quarter.

Starting April 4, South University, will continue to offer a new modality, now called SouthVR for the Spring quarter, in which all campus-based courses will be adapted to a convenient virtual classroom setting. Our new SouthVR temporary learning format was created to help our students continue their education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This format will differ from both campus and online classes by offering live scheduled instruction in a remote environment. SouthVR will be a temporary educational format that will be offered until authorities advise us that it is safe to return to our campus-based learning.

Through SouthVR, South University’s instructors will offer live instruction in a shared peer-to-peer virtual environment that encourages interactivity and collaborative working groups. Our faculty are building dynamic resources to enrich their courses and to ensure that we continue to provide the close-knit classroom experience that we at South University cherish as a community.

Our South University online (SUO) asynchronous courses began today  March 24th and all SUO courses will continue as planned.

With SouthVR, our students will have real-time interaction with both instructors and their classmates. In addition, faculty and program directors will hold remote office hours, provide virtual tutoring, and schedule one-on-one meetings to ensure that the student experience maintains the quality that they have come to expect and deserve. For the spring quarter, students will also continue to have access to the normal South University resources and support services you need.

As the circumstances around the country continue to evolve, please know that South University hopes that all of you stay safe and that we are confident that SouthVR will help our student to continue their education and maintain a focus on preparing for their future career opportunities.